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What's the deal with tummy time? 

Free Webinar

Monday 2/22 8:30pm EST

Have you wondered what tummy time is?  Why is it important? How often do you need to do tummy time? How can you possibly do tummy time without your baby crying?

Then this webinar is for you! We will talk about all the information you need to help your baby thrive with tummy time.  We will talk about strategies to do tummy time without crying and how to make it a fun play position! Fill this out to receive the registration link! Questions? Just ask! 

So excited to have you join us on Monday 2/22! Look forward to seeing you

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Tummy time came about after the "Back to Sleep" campaign started in the 1990s.  With babies sleeping on their backs, it was found that babies were not developing the same and were not developing the crucial skills needed to learn to crawl and move.  

Tummy time should be started as soon as you bring baby home from the hospital, unless your pediatrician advises not to for medical purposes.  When starting, tummy time should always be supervised and when baby is awake.  It does not have to be very long and for newborns may only last for a minute or two.

If you want more information and tips on Tummy Time, fill out the form below and a handout will be sent to your email.  If you need help, please reach out today for tips and tricks to make life easier as a mom.  

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