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Tummy time should not involve tears or feel like a chore for you.  This is a fun, developmental position where you have the opportunity to strengthen your bond with your baby while promoting their development!  This guide is meant to provide you with information and activities you need to make tummy time fun and engaging for your baby.  This guide includes:

  • Top tips to be successful with tummy time
  • Different options for positioning for tummy time
  • What tummy time looks like at each stage of development
  • Developmental milestones for 0-6 months
  • Toy suggestions based on your baby's age
  • Best positions based on your baby's age
  • Activities to keep your baby entertained in tummy time

With over 40 pages of information and activities, you will feel confident to help your baby progress through their motor milestones without the worry!  

Tummy Time Guide

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