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Top 10 Toys for Summer

Summer 2020 for many is going to be unlike most other summers. Community pools may not be available, vacations may be postponed, and camps may be cancelled. If you are looking for ways to entertain your kids at home, here are some of the best summer toys to provide hours of fun each day. Follow on Instagram @sandytoespt for more ideas on how you can use these toys especially for gross motor fun!


1. Pool Noodles are not just for the pool!

  • Use for obstacle courses to jump over, walk on, or go under

  • Play a game of noodle hockey with a noodle and beach ball

  • Grab a balloon and use the noodle to keep it off the ground

  • Make a target and use them as a javelin


2. Sidewalk Chalk for endless hours of entertainment!

  • Work on drawing letters, shapes, or numbers

  • Play Hangman in the driveway

  • Design your own chalk obstacle course with jumping squares, twirling lines to follow, lines to walk on, and more!

  • Make a hopscotch board with different shapes

  • Design your own maze to follow


3. Bubbles are fun for every age!

  • Pop them

  • Jump on them

  • Catch them and then use toes to pop

  • Clap them to pop


4. Water Table is perfect for sensory exploration!

  • Use different size scoops and plastic containers from in the house to scoop and play in water

  • Put shaving cream in one side with plastic toys to play

  • Add some water beads or kinetic sand for more sensory fun

  • Include items from nature with different smells and textures to explore like flowers or pine cones


5. Balance bike is a perfect start to bike riding!

  • Works on balance and core strength

  • Allows kids to develop coordination

  • Great cardiovascular activity to build endurance

  • Makes for a smoother transition to a 2 wheel pedal bike


6. Hula Hoop has so many potentials!

  • See how long you can go before it falls

  • Use them on the ground to jump in and out of or raise a little higher for more of a challenge (for new walkers is a great obstacle to start stepping over)

  • Make it a target to throw bean bags or rolled up socks into

  • See how far everyone can roll it

  • Work on body awareness with one person holding it up and another crawling through without touching the sides


7. Saucer Swing is entertainment for the whole family!

  • Provides great vestibular input

  • Easy for an adult to sit with a child and swing

  • Can be hung so many different places

  • Kids will use it for years to come!


8. Playhouse provides imagination with a opportunity to grow!

  • Great for imaginative play for kids of all ages

  • Allows for kids to express and explore through self play

  • Work on developing social skills and practice every day routines


9. Hopper Ball for all the wall bouncing kids!

  • Provides great vestibular and proprioceptive input for active kids

  • Great for learning how to jump and practicing jumping

  • Fun, active movement for strong legs and core


10. Beach Ball is not just for playing at the beach!

  • Design a net and play volleyball throwing it over and catching

  • Use a sheet and play parachute to keep the ball on as long as possible

  • Hold between the legs and have a hopping race

  • Use a bunch and play dodgeball


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