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Refund Policy

As a mom, I know things happen.  Illnesses come up, babies do not sleep, etc.  If you sign up for a class and know you cannot attend, please reach out to me as soon as possible.  Full refunds will be provided if you cancel 24 hours before class.  Please contact me directly for more information. 

Baby Steps 2 Grow

A mommy and baby class for you to grow into motherhood with your new baby!  This class is ideal for any baby not yet crawling. Space is limited to keep the class enjoyable for all! 

In this 6 week series, we will learn explore early play and motor development as well as connect with other moms .  We will define what tummy time is, learn how motor development occurs, and how play helps you form deep connections with your baby.  This is a safe place to share your struggles, your wins, and concerns as you grow into motherhood.  

Week 1:  We will discuss play, how babies learn, and how to incorporate play into daily activities such as diaper changes.  In tummy time, we will try our lap to be able to do tummy time anywhere! We will learn a few tips on babywearing and have opportunities to share our weekly experiences.

Week 2:  We will talk about the sensory systems and how to aid in developing sensory friendly play.  In tummy time, we will try the therapy ball!  As moms, we will talk about postpartum mental health and resources will be provided for further assistance.  

Week 3: We will explore with our hands and feet while talking about early toys for babies that aid in grasping, rolling, and tummy time.  In tummy time, we will try different supports!  

Week 4:  We will have fun with movement and songs!  In tummy time, we will try different carries.

Week 5:  We will splash around with water!  In tummy time, we will use the water play mat to explore and begin to move.  

Week 6:  We will review tips for rolling and crawling as they grow, cover what to expect beyond 6 months, and more.  We will talk about baby containers and play ideas for the months to come! 

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