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Sandy Toes Pediatric Physical Therapy

Providing family centered in-home physical therapy, telehealth and developmental consultations for your child.  Services are structured around your family's needs and in the best environment for your child.  Specializing in infant development, torticollis, plagiocephaly, walking patterns, foot development, and motor skills. 

Mother and Baby on Floor


Do not wait and see!

If you have concerns about your child's motor development, you do not have to wait and see.  Instead you can start to see progress today!  I am a board certified specialist in development and can help you see progress with your child quickly.  Sessions in the home or daycare, allow us to work together giving you the skills needed to help your child thrive.  Research has shown that therapy done consistently as part of a daily routine is more effective then a 30 minute session in a clinic.  

If you have concerns because your child or baby has:

  • Flat Head

  • Trouble with Tummy Time

  • Tight Neck

  • Not met motor milestones

  • Not started walking by 16 months 

  • Trouble walking like other kids

  • Difficulty keeping up with peers

  • Trouble with coordination or clumsy

  • Frequent falls 

We can make progress today!

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